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New milling machine Arum 5X-450

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Arum is announcing a new dental milling machine Arum Dentistry announced a new 5X-450 milling machine and it is available from 2020. Thanks to the reliability and functionality of Arum products their milling machines get well known around the world very quickly. Arum Dentistry is constantly improving its products and developing new solutions.

The new 5X-450 combines all the greatest features and experience from previous generations of milling machines. This model is expected to become a universal solution for many applications, as it covers a wide range of restorations from about any material used in modern dentistry such as titanium, Co-Cr, zirconia, lithium disilicate, nanocomposite, PMMA, PEEK, Wax, Etc

5X-450 is equipped with a C-clamping system. This fixture is half-open and allows milling on the side. It allows easier to mill undercuts areas that are crucial for such objects as full dentures.

Arum 5X-450 specs:

  • Axis - 5-Axis

  • Processing - Wet and Dry

  • Spindle Power - AC 1.28kw

  • Max. RPM - 60,000

  • Tool magazine - 15 tools

  • Tool Shank - Ø6 mm

  • Motor - Stepping

  • Drive Mechanism - Ball Screw

  • Way System - Linear Guide

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