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Small & Light

Fast Scanning
High Accuracy
90° Scanning Tips
Motion Control
Detachable Cable
Cloud Platform

Compact Design
Lighter Weight

With compact structure design and weighing only 270g, the intraoral scanner is much more lightweight and smaller for easy handheld operation and delivers comfortable scanning experience for the patient.

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Fast and Smooth
Intraoral Scanning

BLZ Dental INO200 is an easy-of-use entry level intraoral scanner that can create clear digital 3D impressions and smooth scanning experience.


✔️ Up to 25mm deep scan depth

✔️ Two multi-functional buttons

✔️ Less than 40s for full arch

✔️ Oral health report

90° Scan Tips

Two different scanning tips for options allow to scan in mouth at any angle.

100 Using Times

Each accommodated scan tip can be used up to 100 times.

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25 mm

Scan Depth

The scan depth can reach up to 25mm, which is ideal for the gap, margin, implant scanbody and gingival contour.

Smart Motion Control

By utilizing quick-responsive sensor, the dental intraoral scanner enable the operator gesture motion control of the digital model on screen. Simply long-press the control button and rotate the scanner in your hand, the digital model will follow to orient. No need to operate computer mouse or touch the screen.

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Fast Scanning with

High Accuracy

The intraoral scanner is integrated with self-developed scanning software to work together for creating precise digital impression. The optimized algorithms and imaging technology brings fast and smooth scanning with excellent accuracy. The full arch scan can be finished within 30 seconds.


Detachable Cable

The INO200 comes with a creative detachable cable. It makes the scanner maintaining easier than ever and ensures storage organized.

Real Clear Scan Data for Restorations and Implants

With the updated software and algorithm, the INO200 intraoral scanner can produce better rendered 3D model like sharper edges and clear margin lines with superior accuracy for clinic restorations and implants cases.


Improved Software with Full Functions

The intraoral scanner hardware work together with the self-developed scan software to provide custom setting, ensure excellent scan experience and amazing digital impression.

BLZ Dental intraoral scanner is compatible with Clinux

Cloud Platform

Convenient data transfer and communication between clinic dentist and dental lab technician.

New Clinical Toolkit

Cervical margin, coordinate adjustment and swapping the upper/lower jaw are available.

Real Color Texture Scan

Better rendered 3D model display with real color and texture.

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