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Arum 5X450

Arum 5X450

5X-450 for machining various prostheses at a reasonable price.

With the use of an open C type cartridge, you can precisely machine Labial Side (Buccal Side) and Under-Cut zone that requires additional machining. 
With the amazing power of the best-in-class spindle AC 1.28kw, you can machine various shapes and materials such as Denture, Zirconia, CAD Block, 
and Titanium milled Bar. etc. (Except for Ni-Cr / Co-Cr Disk)

Axis 5-Axis
Processing Wet and Dry
Spindle Power AC 1.28kw
Max. RPM 60,000
A.T.C 15
Tool Shank (mm) Ø6
Motor Stepping
Drive Mechanism Ball Screw
Way System Linear Guide
Machine Size (W*D*H) 790*790*790mm
Total Size (W*D*H) 790*790*1645mm
Weight (Machine / Table) 185kg / 65kg
Total Size (W*D*H) 790*790*1645mm
Weight (Machine / Table) 185kg / 65kg
Travel X,Y,Z axis.                  245*116*130mm
Travel A axis / B axis   360˚/ ±35˚


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