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Smart Optics mini

Smart Optics mini

The new fully automatic 3D desktop scanner made in Germany can precisely perform the common dental indications. It is ideal for all newcomers and professionals who want simple, fast and accurate in-house production. 


Accuracy of < 6μm and the 2-year warranty. Of course, the smart optics mini also has an interface to both exocad® and OnyxCeph3TM software. 


The open design allows the user to act quickly in the scan area, for example, to insert an articulator for a vestibular scan by removing the rotation axis. Another practical feature is the handy size, which allows dental digitization even where space is limited. However, the smart optics mini also contains a lot of “maxi”, because the basic module is already designed in such a way that the most important prosthetic and orthodontic indications are included. 


✔️ dental Scan 

✔️ secondDie 

✔️ Articulator scan 

✔️ Orthodontic project
✔️ Compatibel with: exocad® Dental CAD; OnyxCeph3TM

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