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Arum 5X300 PRO

Arum 5X300 PRO

Amazing grinding capability.

With the adoption of a high RPM spindle, 5X-300 PRO boasts its unsurpassed capability of grinding Lithium Disilicate (Glass Ceramic). 
We improved user convenience by applying the cartridge that can mount and machine up to 6 CAD Blocks (Lithium Disilicate, Nanocomposite), 
and the high-precision ball screws allow you to get high-quality milling outputs.


All in One System

An external compressor is not required, and all additional

devices (Dust Collector, Coolant System) are built inside the

table to overcome installation space constraints and minimize

noise. ** German Renfert SILENT compact CAM model is used



High speed 80,000 RPM

By choosing one from 2 modes of roughing process (U peeling milling,

and Parallel milling), you can process glass ceramic materials more



Efficient C-TYPE JIG

Labial (or Buccal) side texture and undercut area precision processing

minimize post-processing time.


Easy and easy material change

You can easily exchange from disk to CAD block as it uses cartridge type


Model 5X-300 PRO
Axis 5-Axis
Processing Wet and Dry
Spindle Power AC 0.5kw
Max. RPM 80,000
A.T.C 12
Tool Shank (mm) Ø4
Motor Stepping
Drive Mechanism Ball Screw
Way System Linear Guide
Machine Size (W*D*H) 570*620*640mm
Weight (Machine / Table) 90kg / 65kg
Travel X,Y,Z axis 159*120*90mm
A axis / B axis ±30˚ / 360˚
Accessories +


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