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ARUM 5X300 D


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RPM 80,000.png
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Efficient C-TYPE Cartridge

With use of open C type cartridge, you can precisely machine Labial Side (Buccal Side) and Under-Cut zone that requires additional machining.

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Cad Block Cartridge

By using Cad Block Cartridge, you can set and machine up to 6, and it is convenient for you exchange material because it is replaceable cartridge type. 

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The beginning of a small change

With the small change of '7° Tilted Door' to ensure user's viewing angle, you can clearly see the milling progress. With the door opening wide, you can secure enough work space to conveniently change materials and settings tools. In addition, the interior floor is inclined for convenient cleaning.  

Screen Shot 2022-02-03 at 1.06.04 PM.png

Device to automatically exchange
12 tools

With a 12-tool pocket, you can machine almost every materials in just one setting, and the automatic tool change function allow you to use equipment without interruption. 

Free shape machining 

5 axes (with A-axis rotating ±30° and B-axis rotating 360°) allow you to machine freely. You can machine almost every shape from soft materials, such as Crown & Coping Bridge, Hybrid Abutment, Model, and Bite Splint, etc. and CAD block. 

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User-friendly use environment.png

User-friendly use environment 

With Auto Calibration Function, you can maintain the best condition of machine anytime, anywhere. You can always see a certain level of machining. U.I design with enhanced ease of use makes operation of equipment easy and simple. 

Special tool designed for perfection.png

Dedicated template for ARUM,
The outcome of our extensive know-how

Based on our extensive know-how accumulated over many years and various milling restorations around the world, we provide the optimal dedicated ARUM template for any case of Implant Bar and Screw-retain Bridge.

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Finished products

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Materials 5x-200.png


Applications 5x-200.png

Materials & Applications Info.

Materials & Applications info 5X-200.png


Specifications 5X-200.png

Tool List

Tool list 5X200.png


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